What are you longing for could be a question that brings so much more than what are you thinking about. It seems to me the first one invites us to reach much deeper into the chambers of our soul. And what wonders are always to be found there, if only we are willing to look!

Inner teacher

When we think, hear or understand something that is deeply true for us, our inner teachers rise in us as a delicious, lucid resonance. When we grasp truth, any truth, from the correct solution to a math problem, to the capacity for love, all of our ways of knowing align.

every woman must read this book! it held up a mirror for me in which I saw my entire life. in all its beauty and desperation.

Reading it, breathlessly many times, I felt this book took me back through a tunnel of time, to moments of gut wrenching angst, deep questioning or immense joy, to crossroads where a force larger than what I can explain pushed me in the direction or progress and good and left me feeling, in my bones, the two words that have now become such a feminist statement: #metoo.

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