Looking for my people

From the very first moment I participated in what in our business is called a job-a-like, I realized that connecting with like minded people is what brings me positive energy.  I realized it is something I want to do for the rest of my life and started to engage, as best I knew how, to connect with people and help connect people to others, ideas and strategies.

For years  I thought this is what the thing to do to grow, personally and professionally, and it worked for a while, people were truly connecting, truly filling each other with good energy -and so was I-, setting up a chain of ideas, connections and having fun.

And then it stopped – at least for me. It stopped bringing me good energy and instead draining me in a way that I could not explain.  I realized at some point that I had spread myself so thin, into so many directions and that I had traded quality for quantity. And I withdrew for a long while because I guess there is always grief and loss when you realize that you have invested your energy into the wrong path and it takes a while to see the lessons and be able to move on.  So this is what I am trying to do, learn the lessons and move on.

And the lesson that is the most powerful to me is something I also read in a book I recommend as a daily practice: How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields, founder of the Good Life Project  – I learned that I need to find my people. That  true connection does not mean quantity but quality and that positive energy comes from engaging with my people, not (m)any people.

So, I guess I am launching a wish / intention into the Universe, that my people stumble upon this and connect. Are you there?


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