World Kindness Day

This morning as I was taking some time for myself I heard that World Kindness Day is celebrated on this day.

One of the most powerful mindfulness meditation routines is the one called “Loving Kindness“. Try it. Try generating positive thoughts with your loved ones in mind and, more importantly, with the ones you don’t see eye to eye in mind.  It is amazing what an openness you feel in your heart and the flow of positive energy that you feel. What is even more amazing is – at least to me – how much more difficult it is to generate all these feelings and thoughts towards oneself.

It is not by chance that World Kindness day is the anniversary of my partner and getting together. It was the first and most important act of kindness towards myself that I have done – taking her hand. And it has changed my life.

In case you have not guessed it, this is an invitation. Do something kind for yourself today!

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