Universal Children’s Day

Sometimes I think the world is upside down. Here we are, running schools that are supposed to teach our children when in fact it is us who need to learn so much from our children.  I have felt often that our children are the manifestation of the pure human spirit and that, as they grow, we, the adults in their lives, insist to cover that purity with social norms, set in stone ideas, frames of mind, perspectives that don’t belong to them and little by little move them away from that genuine expression of spirit that is childhood.

We can learn so much from children:IMG_6228

To look at the world with curiosity and discover every minute and in every realm. 

To be genuine.  To laugh and cry.

To play. To be goofy.

To run around and dance like nobody is watching.

To believe in stories. 

To challenge others with honest questions.


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