There is no connection without energy

The most successful relationships are the ones in which people have similar energies to share with each other. And I don’t mean the energy of working out or walking fast. Whenever one high frequency personality engages with lower frequency one, a connection failure is in the making. I found myself discussing this in the light of a year of failed relationships and partnerships.

Given previous patterns in my life and very triggered emotionally each time a relationship broke apart I figured that relationships and partnerships short circuited for the obvious reasons: people are ungrateful, I am stupid and gullible, I go too much in, I go in with too many expectations of people, we love too much, we don’t love enough etc.

In talking with my coach yesterday, she shared a very interesting perspective – one that cautioned me to pay attention first and foremost to the energy that the person I am engaging with is putting forth. The point she was making was that when a lower energy person interacts with a higher energy person, frustrations are bound to arise as one feels drained and not rewarded for what they put in while the other feels completely confused about what the expectations of their partner are. Quite logical, if you think about it.

There are various relationships in our lives which are draining and hard to move forward but that we cannot escape because those people are our family. In talking about relationships we choose however, here is an invitation to go inwards and feel the energy. Hocus pocus though this may sound, energy is science and it is definitely felt between humans. Whether you “believe”in exchanges of energy or not, if you really pay attention and go inward upon meeting someone new, you can always tell the level of energy you are engaging with.

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