These small hours …

“In the end, we will only just remember how it feels.”

Daily we go through so much. So many speak about how our life rhythm has increased exponentially. And it has. But if you pay attention you will see that one thing remains unchanged: there are sparks in our lives represented by those moments, those “small hours”, that stick to our very being. Pay attention to these pieces of the puzzle that is life because everything else is fluff.

I don’t know about others but feelings I get in these brief, revelatory moments stick with me like glue and shape my relationships and daily interactions. A song, a perfume, a place, a word, a gesture they send me flying back to that feeling and I need to pay attention and make sure this doesn’t derail me too much.

I have a song for you this morning: Little Wonders, by Rob Thomas. Always be aware of these small hours, these “little wonders”, “twists and turns of fate”. They are the tapestry that make our lives unique.

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