Yesterday was a tough day. A day that made me question a lot about my backbone, honesty and authenticity. I have been thinking about how to best express the flurry of feelings that got me to end the day crying my newly discovered impotence out.

As many times in my life, Dr. Brene Brown came to my rescue. Here is her amazing essay in Vogue Magazine that expresses so fully the two poles I find myself in so very often. And the quote that I will take with me today:

Make no mistake, choosing comfort over standing up for what we believe is true and important will sever our connections to ourselves. Why? Because we must belong to ourselves before we belong anywhere else. When we betray ourselves to fit in, be liked, not cause problems, avoid discomfort, sidestep conflict, or not disappoint people, we break our own hearts. Unfollowing your beliefs for others is the real threat.

May we always have the courage to follow our beliefs and not betray ourselves. It is the worst betrayal we will ever suffer.

PS. As you read the article, do watch the black and white video at the end, the one about change agents. It brought tears to my eyes.

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