What you see is … only what you see

I quit social media for the most part because of my increasing realisation that it had become a platform for most of us to show personas we would like to be or become and less the truth of who we are. Who really wants to see the lines under eyes after a sleepless night guarding a sick child (who otherwise poses as saintly on FB), the pile of Kleenex around the house on flu days or the mess in the kitchen after cooking that perfect pancake that got so many likes? Apparently, not many. Glennon Doyle’s story about trying to start her truth telling on FB makes me laugh bitterly, oh, we don’t do this here either … .

I have recently finished reading Inside Out, the wrenching story behind one of Hollywood’s successes, Demi Moore. I am sure it was a very hard book to write, as it was quite a hard book to read as well. I always thought of Demi Moore as a beautiful, accomplished actress, quite lucky to have landed Bruce Willis (who I was in love with in high school – yes, yes, I am that old!) and later on Ashton Kutcher (ok, I didn’t get that but anyway …). Being offered a peak backstage to all of this, I am reminded that everyone, but really, everyone we meet, regarding of their poise, beauty or the opposite, is fighting a hard battle.

Once again I am convinced that human connection would be our true spiritual practice if we were able to do just this: remember that, in the middle of the hard battle they are fighting, each and every one of us is doing the very best that they can. I have decided that this is my spiritual practice and religion and I am at the beginning of my journey – my first prayer: if I can’t say something nice, I will be quiet. May the force be with me!

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