Mirror, mirror on the wall …

The Coronavirus crisis is a mirror. The Universe is holding up a HUGE mirror to all of us and each of us individually, almost like saying, “here, I am shaking everything up: let’s see how you guys handle yourselves. And let’s see if you get what this is all about.”

I must say I am quite disappointed at our reaction to this very serious shake. It surprises me (and maybe it’s me again being very naive) to see how much we still think of ourselves and ourselves only, amidst a crisis that we have a slight chance to beat ONLY if we put the greater good ahead of our own.

As the team I am part of has been navigating sending kids home for over a week as our school has closed, some of the questions I got hit me more than the actual coronavirus updates doubling by day:

Why are you allowing Romanians to return home from Italy when you know they are a danger?

Why are my personal needs, MY NEEDS, not met now, right this instant? Don’t you understand I am in a crisis?

What do you mean you don’t know everything and can’t predict future?

What am I supposed to do with my child at home for two weeks? You can’t be serious that we can’t go to the mall!

I see this worrisome pandemic like situation as not just a crisis of physical health but a crisis of connection. We will come out of this as best as we can only if we understand that there is no other. That we are one and just like we don’t stop taking care of our feet or arms because something else in our body is not working properly, in the same way we can only take care of ourselves properly by caring for each other,

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