WHY I have stopped watching movies and series

It may be the beginning of the year (isn’t January the most depressing month?), the lack of sun winter brings, the cold, the pandemic or everything altogether but this week was tough. TOUGH! When every road seems to end in a dark alley, I understand that the grey glasses are back on and that I need to wait it out, putting one foot in front of the other and breathing.

Trying to short-circuit my way to pinckier glasses (or at least to regular colours, if pink is out of stock for the time being), I started looking for a funny, short soap to pick me up in the evening. Didn’t work. I then tried new seasons of shows I used to love. Nope. Not that either. Tried new shows altogether. Useless.

And it dawned on me that it’s not the shows that bother me. It’s the reality of a life that they depict that no longer matches mine. The issues of running into someone at work, in the street, at a party, wondering where your teenagers are as it is past curfew and their phone is off, holidays, crowds, school … . Nothing, nothing matches our lives today. What can I relate to? How can I watch these shows and not feel even more homesick for our past?

There, I found it, I thought – This is Us. Here is one of my beloved shows, new episodes and all and the producers have adapted to pandemic life – btw wow! Masks, distancing, fear of contamination, online school, the whole shindig. I turned it off after fifteen minutes. I realised that watching this, as the new reality depicted on the screen, meant an acceptance of a life I don’t really want to accept.

Humans. Who can understand them?

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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