A blessing for our hearts

This morning I am lending my space to my newly discovered Minister and church. A blessing on Orthodox Palm Sunday. I have long broken off the hypocritical and greedy Orthodox Church but Easter still holds a special place in my heart as the quintessential celebration of resurrection and hope against all odds.

A Blessing For The Human Heart

(from a lesson I learned having had a panic attack (In Jericho) in front of 30 super nice Lutherans from Wisconsin)

Fellow human,

Let’s just agree that our hearts are such messy, complicated things, and that clichés and greeting card sentiments don’t even get close to the actual reality of them.

So, the most honest blessing I can offer is, may you find yourself surprised by your very own heart.

May you sense it hurting for people you don’t even like very much.

May you feel it loving something entirely unlikely.

And when your heart is full, may you not miss it all by wondering when it will break again

May you welcome it home when it has gone off and given pieces of itself to that which can never love it back.

May it reintroduce itself to you.

And may you discover it is healing from the things you used to think would destroy it.


By Nadia Woltz-Weber, in The Confessional

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