three simple keys to a successful job interview: anyone can do this!

I was in my senior year, an exchange student in Seattle, when I was invited to participate in my very first debate.  Many nerve-wrecking debates later, I understood that my best bet, if I ever wanted to win was comprised of three key things to do: prepare, anticipate and focus.

I find this to be very useful for anyone participating in a job interview. While interviewing (whichever side of the table you are on) should not be a debate, preparation, anticipation and focus are still the keys here. 

Whether you are the employer, meeting someone for the interview or the person who is getting ready to come through that interview room door, you must PREPARE to set the foundation for a successful meeting.  Here are a few things you might want to do:

* Find the company’s website and social media channels and read about its vision,  projects and presence in the news
* Familiarize yourself with the job description and find key words that you can use in responses.
* If you know people who know the company, do your due diligence and ask about work atmosphere, working with the boss and other things that you feel might be of interest as you are hired.
* Prepare questions that you might need to use at the time when the interview is almost over and you get that “any questions?” closing.

ANTICIPATE your interlocutor’s questions and prepare answers – this will set you apart. Before you go in for an actual interview, role play, switching the roles where you are the interviewer or asking someone you trust to play that role for you. This will help you anticipate issues that will come up and find and be aware of your Achille’s heel.  If you are at a loss as to how to do that, reach out.

Be all there during the meeting, FOCUS! Turn off your phone (actually leave it in your purse – it is proven that even the vibrations on the phones or its presence on the table destabilize one’s attention). Zero in on the person in front of you. More than creating a great impression, focusing one hundred percent on being present, will bring you knowledge from the entire array of human communication – words, gestures, tones, non-verbal communication.  If you are focused and pay attention during the job interview you will know on the spot whether the person in front of you is the employee or the company you are looking for.

Good luck!

Photo by Mapbox on Unsplash

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