Moving people

In my past two coaching sessions, my coach asked me what I thought my passion was, what I would follow if no obstacles such as money, time or risk stood in the way. This has been the topic of my soul searching over the past half a year and I think that I am finally reaching a conclusion. I would really like to move people. Not from a house to another, or a country to another. From idea to action.

So my coach and I did a simple, 10 minute, exercise where she started to talk to me about a plan she has in mind and I started to draw out that plan on paper (always on paper) as the action started to show itself in my mind.
 Listening to someone talk to me about their ideas, connections, questions, sequences and potential hurdles show themselves in my mind like constellations and I do my best to be quick enough to translate them into a plan on paper. It is the closest I ever get to magic. I feel fired up and enthusiastic and it is pretty much the only thing that I ever want to do. 

The other day I was writing about a presentation that I made, of a plan to go from an idea to action and how bummed I was that the people I was talking to were not moved. Results in the room aside (I now have a different understanding about why it did not work, and it wasn’t them), I am now convinced that the purpose of that action on my part was just for me to realize how much the process of taking an idea and turning it into plans, actions, results excites me and fires me up.  It was not about the meeting, it was about that time I spent, sitting down and channeling all of the ideas out of my head into the plan that I finally presented. A process which fills me with positive energy and gets me going to the point that it is hard to stop.

Someday this will be my job. I am setting the clear intention for this and I know the universe conspires. Today, I hope to find people who are willing to try out my skill and offer me their ideas so that I may turn them into plans. Are you one? Just drop me a comment. It will only cost you your honest feedback. 

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