I remember the first time I saw the effects of tidal waves. It was 1994 and I was visiting friends in Ostende, Belgium. Having been raised on the shores of the Black Sea, where waves go back and forth but they are always right there, I was so amazed to have landed on a beach when the tide was out. I could have run for a while to get close to the water. And soon afterwards, the water got close to the beach again. Just like one of those puppies who really wants to get close to you but is afraid and so does it sheepishly and slowly.

It occurred to me today that creativity and drive are tidal as well. There are times when we are inundated by ideas and the energy and motivation to put them into action. And there are times when we feel like it would take all of the energy in the world to have an idea about what to cook for dinner. I am realising that this is normal, as nothing in our lives is (or should be) continuous and unchangeable. Boorriiiing!

The catch lies in the attitude we have to both movements. It is as much of a trap to throw ourselves into hundreds of new projects when the tide is in, as it is to conclude that we are not good to continue them when the tide is out. The secret lies in balance: pacing ourselves when the tide is in so that the amount of energy we consume is not all consuming and accepting ourselves when the tide is out, focusing on the now, on one step at one time, the next best thing, slowing down our pace to fit the moment.

The tide is in with me these days so, here. I am excited to have a new project and a new goal. I am taking this very slowly though, re-orienting myself, setting up learning opportunities for the next years, reviewing and getting feedback from honest friends, not forgetting to take care of myself in the process. When the tide is out, I will continue to breathe, if that is the only thing I do.

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