Easter – Do not be afraid and remember!

Although my parents never took us to church, I was raised with an Orthodox background. In my quest for myself, the Orthodox religion and church were my first stops. I respected traditions and rules religiously – pun intended – and tried, to the best of my abilities, to truly live the preaching and the celebrations. Looking back I realise I took much more literally than I should have and left the true living out of it. For years now I have been in search of truth on all accounts and, as Easter is approaching, I wanted to share the words that describe it as it best makes sense to me:

BACK FROM THE DEAD – Glennon Doyle

 April 13, 2014


“Resurrection means that the Worst Thing is never the Last Thing.” – Beuchner

Hang on, Beloveds.

If it’s awful, it’s not over.

Good Friday means that Life Hurts. Saturday means that if we wait and hope and keep vigil- Easter Sunday will come to prove that Love Wins.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Pain, Waiting, Redemption.

It’s the greatest story ever told and that is because we ALREADY KNOW IT. It’s the story of our lives, our days, our bodies, our relationships and every flower and tree.

If it’s Friday for you- keep breathing. If it’s Saturday for you, keep waiting and watching. If it’s Easter for you- NOTICE AND REJOICE AND TELL ABOUT IT. Keep Easter tucked in your heart to pull back out and Remember when Friday comes again.

DO NOT BE AFRAID when it’s Friday or Saturday. REMEMBER that Sunday always comes.

Easter is always, always on its way.

That’s the Good News. For EVERYBODY.

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