Make eye contact with people. Care. (warning- contains references to suicide)

A year ago today, someone I knew, a teenager, took her own life. I remember the shock, the disbelief but most of all the questions. How come nobody saw this coming? Did nobody hear her cry?

Alex, my late brother, chose the slower path to suicide – heroin. Before he passed away, he had been a drug addict for over 10 years. I remember myself seeing his name on my phone, rolling my eyes and wondering “what is it that he wants now?” . And that young, less educated me, was short with him and didn’t realise why he was calling. Not even when, upon me complaining about my loneliness in my marriage, he answered: “oh, I know about loneliness, I invented it.”

Stop the madness of daily life. STOP! Make time for the important. Make time for people. Look them deep in the eye. You will always, but always see them. Really, see them. But only if you really, really look.

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