The Morning Show

This weekend I binged on The Morning Show – first season. I found it so good that I binged when there was apparently no time to binge in, if watching 10 to 30 min at a time can be defined as a binge.

The Morning Show is an amazing, heart and mind racing, raw roller coaster that kept me pushing that play button. I love that two of the stars I absolutely adore and admire – Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon – are executive producers and from the funky music to the attire and settings it is an amazing production. The movie is not shy to go slowly through the motions of a heart and company wrenching event and shows humanity and power naked of all trimmings. There are so many things that the show highlights for its viewers:

  • every story is multifaceted – don’t bet on anything; or anyone for that matter
  • people are human, flawed and prone to doing stupid things to achieve their goals, especially when they feel they are getting close to what they want
  • the price that is paid for a career is often steep and the closest people to you will judge you most harshly
  • actions of one team member are never isolated, their effect will be felt by the entire team
  • advancing in the work place, especially in multi-billion corporations, is like trying to make it through the jungle and people go more for the survival instinct than for human qualities. One of the characters puts it very bluntly:

In the world of multi-billion dollars corporations you don’t grow a conscience over night; you only grow one if the ones above you allow you to.

In 2019 this is a series worth seeing especially since it is rooted in abrupt facts of life. The #me too movement sits at its core but so do racial and monetary privilege, the difference between what we see on TV and what actually goes on behind the screen, as well as the amazingly hard choices that must be made in a split second and end up changing lives completely.

Take time to watch during the winter break. It’s worth every second.

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