It seems it is time for new year’s resolutions. Ok, it was time for new year’s resolutions about a week ago. But … better late then never, right? At least it’s not March or April … 🙂

Towards the end of 2019, the Universe was sending me quite a clear message about what was going to have to be my new year’s resolution, if I really wanted to grow. As the Universe does, these messages came in the form of challenges on the professional level, in my life as a partner, parent and around my health. In other words, the Universe figured that it was time it screamed at me that if I don’t get my act together around managing my emotions, it doesn’t really matter how much I study, read, watch, learn – there was not going to be any movement ahead. Quite the contrary … .

So, my new year’s resolution is to remember to pause and take a breath at that very risky moment when I feel myself ready to jump into a cascade of emotions and manifest as such. To remember that authenticity is something different than showing my raw emotions each time I feel them, that the latter most of the time hijack me and my true intentions and to postpone opening my mouth or writing an email for as long as I can when the wave of emotions is washing over me.

Some might say that this is too small of a resolution but they would be fooled. I feel that if I get this under my belt (though this is a lifetime deal and you can’t really check it off the page at some point) I will have truly advanced. For when you control your emotion, you control the game.

Happy New Year!

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