When the body say Hell No!

Someone attacks me and because they are loud and play the victim, the advice for me is to just shut up, take it and turn the other way. Because I know better, because we don’t want to fight, because … because … because … . And my body cannot be fulled and for the past week she has been yelling, hell no!


What are you longing for could be a question that brings so much more than what are you thinking about. It seems to me the first one invites us to reach much deeper into the chambers of our soul. And what wonders are always to be found there, if only we are willing to look!

Paradox. Action. No Other

I was reminded about one idea that I lovehate. I was reminded that navigating the life’s constant paradoxical nature is what we must learn in order to survive and thrive and one of the most important lessons of the constant crisis our humanity seems to be in (and I am not referring necessarily to pandemics and wars – those are just overt ones) – if we choose to learn it, that is.

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