Children are an invitation

There is no need for a manual when raising children because the only way we need to respond to the invitation we are extended is by being … human. By allowing ourselves to be molded in this amazing and petrifying relationship that is parenting so that, at the end of the journey both children and parents are grown up.

Brain Tatoos

Of course, I am over the moon with the fact that I am living a life that is much truer to who I am today than I did twenty years ago. But I am also aware of traps that I fall into because at some point in my life some experiences drew tatoos of trauma on my brain.

We all matter. How do we know?

Being lonely in a professional or personal relationship, hurts so much more than any time that I fell off the bike, bumped my head or even more than my c-section. I could never be in a relationship, in a family, in a job just to tick a box or because it is “just a job” or because “that is how it is done.” Life is too short. So my new compass is precisely this: Do I matter here? How can I tell?

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