“It is easy to love a flawless God, with no stain and no mistake, the way He is. What is much harder is to love your fellow human, with all their habits and flaws. There is no wisdom without love. We cannot truly love Him or know Him until we learn to love Allah’s children.” (The Forty Laws of Love, Elif Shafak, pg. 120)

A blessing for our hearts

This morning I am lending my space to my newly discovered Minister and church. A blessing on Orthodox Palm Sunday. I have long broken off the hypocritical and greedy Orthodox Church but Easter still holds a special place in my heart as the quintessential celebration of resurrection and hope against all odds.

The kids are alright

The only way we can build our children up to be resilient and strong is to allow them to feel hardship, to struggle, to have it hard. Sure, unconditional love and their basic needs must be, to the best of our abilities, provided for, but for the rest, how about we trust the individuals we are raising to emerge stronger out of this, ready to lead a world of tomorrow that we have a very, very hard time picturing at this point?

We rise on the shoulders of others

It got me thinking about the gift of mentors that life puts in our path – if only we are humble enough to listen and let ourselves be moulded, and also about our own ability of mentoring – if only we are gracious enough to share of ourselves. My mind went back to the many who have pitched in, on my path, I have so much gratitude for each and every one of them.

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