One thing at a time

Summer was hot. Not only outside but also in the office. I was pulling 13 hour days easily and my mind was engaged non stop, grinding thoughts about emails, meetings, files, strategies and plans for the fall and pretty much trying to cram as much as possible into the “summer holiday”. As much as possible meaning all of the projects that can’t be done while multitasking, that require full attention, creativity and longer time. Potentially two at a time. 🙂

Fall has cooled things down. Outside and in the office. Inside, the instinct is to keep running. Things seem to have calmed down and my anxiety rose greatly. When did pacing yourself and a slower rhythm become  “weird “? When did slower days get the meaning that maybe we are not doing what we are supposed to? I have time to breathe and look out the window, OMG!, I am for sure forgetting something … . When has it become out of the ordinary to do only one thing at a time? Under performing even …

Today I am observing the pace of my life. I am striving to take in every moment and do one thing at a time, recognizing that were I to be speeding through tasks, discussions, work outs and everything that fills my days, I would only be speeding through my life. And who wants that?

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