What’s on your night stand?

I remember my mother constantly on my case in school about me not reading. I had no patience for reading. I desperately wanted to be that great student that could talk about books she read and make analogies, that girl that borrowed a book today to return it tomorrow after actually reading it. But somehow I was never able to be that girl. Chased away either by my wandering mind or by the temptation outside play, my concentration and willingness to spend time with books left a lot to be desired.

I discovered the beauty in books during my last years in high school when I think the fact that I had fallen in love prompted me to more contemplation. Sleepless nights and endless hours waiting for a certain call also constitute good provocations for picking up a book or two.

It seems karma is after all … a bitch.  These days, I would give anything for one uninterrupted hour of reading. I have a pile of books on my nightstand and a book wish list that I keep adding to in my phone notes. Brene Brown’s Dare To Lead, Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts, Eckhart Tolle’ s A New Earth and Oprah Winfrey’s  Wisdom of Sundays are the volumes that I dust off weekly, awaiting the finish of my current exploration: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

What’s on your night stand and why?

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